Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Animals in Clothes


 I love to dress up animals. I know some people hate it and think it is stupid, but I think that it is stupid only sometimes.


I wish I had a pug baby and knew how to knit cat hats. CUTE!


  1. It´s not only stupid, it makes them feeling very uncomfy. If you really have a heart for animals please just leave them how nature made them. Anything else is selfish and for your own entertainment only. I totally understand people seeing something cute in it, it´s a "It´s my baby" thing, but you don´t do the animals any favor with it. Some even feel torture by this and can´t express how they feel.
    PS: I´m not a treehugging hippie you might think, I´m a vet :)
    No offence - just what I´m thinking!

  2. omg is itz so cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oooh... How cute they are.. But I think they are cute ,although, without dressing them up.. No offense.
    I love animal too, like you...