Friday, January 18, 2008

I Love Pandas!

My favorite animal is the PANDA BEAR. Here are some pictures I found of people who look like they have fun jobs taking care of pandas:

Surrounded by baby pandas....lucky!

"I love my job!"

Since I will probably NEVER own a panda, I will settle for a dog that looks like a this one.



  1. How do u get a panda dog? e-mail me please!!

    1. People dye white Chow Chow dogs to look like pandas.

  2. Uh...I have no idea. Sorry. I guess you have to keep your eyes open for a dog that looks like a panda.

  3. those are chow dogs and their fur is dyed.

  4. I love pandas so much! where do you work? hopefully pandas are not extinct by the time I am old enough to legally work for a 12 I also wish it was legal to own a panda as a pet. :(

  5. Hi Audrey,
    Thanks for looking at my blog. I work as a writer. The people in the picture you see above are experts who work for a panda conservation facility in China. They are so lucky!

    Because pandas are wild animals, I don't think I want one as a pet. I saw a video where the baby pandas were grumpy; that behavior was not really cool. Plus, adult pandas are really strong and BIG. I just don't think I have the expertise to take care of a panda or any type of bear.

    I would LOVE to hold a baby panda and play with one at a conservation facility! Maybe if you study veterinary medicine and specialize in zoology, you can get a job at a panda conservation facility when you are old enough.