Thursday, May 21, 2015

Make a CPAP Tube Holder for Less than $5 in Under 15 Minutes

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DIY CPAP Tube Holder

When my sleep specialist told me that I had mild sleep apnea and needed to use a CPAP machine, I didn't know anything about the technology or how to use it. I did some research about CPAP accessories that I'd need and saw that a lot of other people use gadgets that elevate their CPAP tubes to prevent "rain outs," the build of condensation in a CPAP mask. 

The problem with CPAP tube holders is that they aren't cheap. (Most CPAP supplies are not budget-friendly.) After seeing this CPAP hose holder for about $15 to $30 at various online retailers, I liked the idea and knew that I could make my own for a fraction of the cost.  

How to Make an Inexpensive CPAP Tube Holder


  • 2 retractable ID badge holders: Look for reel-type badge holders that have a 36-inch retractable cord, vinyl strap with snaps at the end of the cord, and a carabiner or keychain at the top. The set I purchased (see link and image) was $10.68 for a pack of four, so each one cost $2.67.
The ID badge holders I purchased.
  •  2 self-gripping cable ties: The ties I purchased are made of Velcro, measure 8.5 inches and have a slot, or hole, on one end. This pack of 100 ties cost me $4.99, so each tie was about $0.05 each.
 DIY CPAP Tube Holder

  • 1 hook: Any hook will do as long as the carabiners fit over the end and it's strong enough to support the weight of your tube (and your nighttime pulling on it). The one pictured cost me $1.59.


Steps to Make the CPAP Tube Holder

  1. Open the snaps on the retractable ID badge holders' vinyl straps.
  2. Thread the end of the vinyl strap through the slot at the end of the Velcro cable tie. Then close the snap. (See picture)

DIY CPAP Tube Holder for Less than $5
The vinyl strap fits perfectly through the slot in the cable tie.

DIY CPAP Tube Holder for Less than $5
The cable tie is so thin that you can thread it through the slot with the vinyl strap in place. 
     3. Mount the hook on a wall or where ever you want the CPAP tube to hang.
     4. Slip the assembled ID badge holder onto the hook.
     5. Wrap the cable ties around your CPAP hose.

DIY CPAP Tube Holder for Less than $5
Finished project
The total cost of all the supplies was $17.26. The individual CPAP hose holder set, including the hook, cost $4.67. Since the pack of ID badge holders came with four items, I made a second set of tube holders to use with a strong removable Command hook for when I travel.

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