Saturday, September 4, 2010

Coin collecting site for beginners

Image from U.S. Mint
Yes, I am a coin collector. I am still a noob (newbie), but I learn more every day.One of my favorite sites to find information about U.S. coins is the U.S. Mint. They have a site for children, which I often look at, and one for adults, which I often consult as well.

I like to collect coins because it is a hobby that does not cost any money to start, you learn about history and it is a collection that will always grow in value. In addition to U.S. coins, I also like to collect coins from around the world because they have really cool shapes and images. My favorite coin at the moment is a telephone token from Israel because it took me years to figure out its origin. Some of my other favorite coins are the ones with pictures of animals or flowers on them. I often find that at U.S. coin shops, the international coins are usually a lot cheaper than U.S. coins.

Do you like to collect coins? If so, what do you collect?

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